Football philosophy

 Written by Johan Cruyff


  1. The street

It all starts on the street.

That’s where the football is discovered and where the passion comes through this game.

On the street you learn to dribble, to combine between two kicking against the edge of the sidewalk and throw and receive the ball kicking into a wall.

So you will feel the foundation of ball handling.



But it is not only that.

You also learn to improve body control because fall on the street it hurts.

In addition, one perfects his skills naturally. Like, for example, when feet are cast to decide a player who is the first to choose peers who formed his team. Feet takes a little exercise and requires a sense of anticipation.

Therefore, learning and begins before the game begins proper. One is treasuring the wisdom of the street, which is an advantage not only in football but also in many other areas.

Street you pass the school yard and then to the school team or club.

Then the cycle is successfully completed.

It worked well at least in my time, but unfortunately this situation has changed in many places.

Over the years, especially in cities, they have disappeared many squares and parks, and increased traffic on the streets.

Although from very small and one can become a member of a club, is not comparable to the hours of training before they squeeze themselves into the street.

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In some neighborhoods, this lacks have tried to compensate called Cruyff courts. It is multifunctional small soccer fields effectively replacing the role of the street as a training ground.

Develop such initiatives for youth should be a moral obligation for those who are dedicated to this, because the street is not only the entrance hall to the football, but also a school of life.